Friday, November 15, 2013

Branch Holder for Name Tags

I had those tags remaining from my advent calendar sitting on my desk, and i thought it'd be nice to make some name tags holder for this year christmas dinner (santa? a girl can dream, right?).
 1. For this project you'll need : a hacksaw (better than large wood saw when it's for small pieces), a bread knife (or equivalent), a cutting board, branches, some thumbtacks, name tags (obvisously).
 2. Cut about 2inches long pieces of wood from a branch with the hacksaw.
 3. Saw longitudinaly until you reach the middle section with the breadknife. The hole will be smaller than with a saw, which is a good thing for paper name tags.
4. Use a thumbtack in the back of your name tag holder so it won't roll around and stay in the right position.
5. Add the name tags and display on a table or else. 

This holidays i really am all into the neutral/natural tones. 

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alex xx


  1. This is such a great and inexpensive idea for place cards. Love it!

    1. Thanks :) inexpensive is good when you have lots of guests!