Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend wears - riverside bike rides

I'm spending a few days in Orléans, France. It's right by the Loire river, perfect place for an afternoon bike ride. This bike is so perfect, it even has a pink basket! How dreamy! Yeah, I'm a bit obsessed with pink...
Dress & shoes - Primark / bag - vintage / sunglasses - Aldo / black pearl - Tahiti / chain - Tiffany
I hope you had a lovely weekend! What did you get up to? 
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring wishlist

I've fallen in love with pink fake leather jackets. Totally girly, yet toned down by the leather. It would look so cute over dresses and shirts. I'm pretty sure I need one! I spotted the lilac bag while in London, what a dreamy colour. Belgium has been very rainy recently, as a fan of wellies it's a good excuse for these Hunter boots and a birdcage umbrella. Ready to go puddle jumping? To be honest, I hardly ever wear high heels, but I still like buying them, they make me feel fancy. Nude heels would be a good wardrobe staple if I ever want to step up my game and actually wear heels. These are Yull shoes, they're leather and made in England so I imagine they'd be comfier than most.
What's on your Spring wish list?

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dot to dot bunny shirt

A few weeks ago Alex and I came across a dot to dot rabbit shirt in Topshop. I was inspired to make my own, with a lop bunny (my favorite). Perfect for Easter!
Download the template here and print it on A4 paper.

1. For this project you will need: a fabric marker, a white cotton t-shirt, a piece of cardboard, the A4 printed pattern 
2. Place the cardboard inside the shirt (to avoid bleed trough)

3. Put the pattern under the shirt and place it where you would like it. Then trace the lines with your marker.
4. If your marker instructions say you should iron your design: turn the shirt inside out and put scrap fabric inside the shirt so the bleed through doesn't stain the back of your shirt. Then iron for a few minutes.
Tips and tricks: 
- Try to find a thin marker. Mine was quite thick so I had to make the numbers bigger than I originally intended.
- Practice on scrap  fabric before tracing your design so you get used to the marker. 
- When picking a shirt pay attention to the neckline, if it's too low you'll have less space for your bunny. Also, try to pick smooth cotton, it will be easier to draw on.

Happy Easter!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cake stand

I love cake stands, they make me feel fancy. I use sticky tack to make one which can be easily taken apart for storing. I already had blu tack, and thrifted the rest, so my cake stand only cost me $2. Not bad right?

1. For this project you will need: sticky tack, a plate, a candle holder or anything that has a suitable shape (make sure the base is wide enough to support the plate). I found the plate and base scattered in the store, probably from the same stand, but didn't need the missing metal core.

2. Roll pieces of sticky tack and place them all around the rim. Make sure the pieces are quite thick.
3. Place the plate on top and push down so it adheres.
4. Now all that's left is to bake a cake to put on your stand. Be careful to always hold the stand by the base, and not to put too much pressure on a side of the plate!

You can use this method to make a variety of stands, like this smaller one made with a thrifted plate and candlestick. 
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