Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY Dream Catcher

So, I've wanted to make one for ages. I thought it was about time.
 You'll need :
*A wooden circle
*Some yarn (i chose cotton because i think it looks less measy than wool)
*Some beads or polymer clay
*I also used some paper glue to style the feathers

The pattern: 

 To make sure i had enough thread, i used the side with the ball to make the pattern. Just repeat this really simple knot all the way through.

The steps:
 First i covered the circle with the yarn.
For the pattern of the dream catcher the important thing is to make the first round loose, but the ones after that really tight. 
 After have finished that, i made some polymer clay beads, and gave them a little geometrical touch. 
I baked them as said on the packaging.
And finished with the feathers. 

Hope you like it, 

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alex xx


  1. Looks awsome, I have to make one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Can you show how to make the yarn pattern? Pleaseee :)

    1. Voila. Sorry if it wasn't clear enough before. It's really really simple, repeating the same technique till the end.

      thanks for stoping by;